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I Found a Dog


If the dog is wearing a Yolo license tag, call the shelter during business hours at (530) 668-5287, press extension 3 when prompted. We can assist in reaching out to the owner based on tag info. 

If the pet is wearing our new pethub license tag, you can also call the 24hr line at 1-(855) 411-0123 or go to the website


Check for a microchip. Any vet office or shelter can scan the pet for you to see if he/she has a microchip and reach out to owners that way.

If you have the chip number, you can also research which company it is registered with at 


Post to neighborhood lost pet pages. The community has several pet pages to report found/lost pets before they are brought to the shelter. 

Pawboost : 


Facebook - There are several lost pet pages for the respective cities in Yolo County.


Post Flyers, Place a Yard Sign, Check with local veterinarians. Place an Ad,

Doing a walkthrough of your neighborhood can go a long way in reuniting a found pet. The owner may not be aware of the online resources available or not yet aware the dog was loose.


If you are able to care for the pet until it's owner is found, file a found report.

If you an issue with the form please email the information to

If you are unable to care for the pet until the owner is located, bring the dog to the appropriate county shelter where it was found. If the dog was in Yolo County, that would be the Yolo County Animal Services Shelter at (530) 668-5287 press 3 for lost pets. 


By law, stray animals must be cared for by the agency funded to provide them care. If the dog was not found in Yolo County, you will need to contact the appropriate county shelter.

During modified operations due to COVID-19, please contact the appropriate shelter below to make an appointment prior to bringing in an animal. 

The information below is subject to change. Please visit their website for current information.

Neighboring Shelters

Found In




Yolo County



City of Sacramento

Sacramento County


Solano County

Sutter County

Colusa County

Napa County

Yolo County Animal Services

140C Tony Diaz Drive, 

Woodland, CA 95776

City of Sacramento Animal Services
(Front Street Shelter)
2127 Front Street , Sacramento, CA 

Sacramento County Animal Care
(Bradshaw Shelter)
3839 Bradshaw Road,

Sacramento, CA 


Solano County Animal Services

2510 Clay Bank Rd Fairfield, CA 94533

Sutter County Animal Services

200 Garden Hwy, 

Yuba City, CA 95991

Colusa County Animal Services

929 Bridge St, 

Colusa, CA 95932

Napa County Animal Shelter

942 Hartle Ct, 

Napa, CA 94558

(530) 668-5287



311 or

(916) 385-8794

(916) 368-7387

(707) 784-1356


(707) 449-1700


(530) 822-7375

(530) 458-0247

(707) 253-4382

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