Want to Foster Kittens?

What is the kitten foster care program?

The foster care program is designed to save the lives of underage and sick kittens by having volunteers take care of them until they are available for adoption. Most of these kittens are too young for adoption, needing to recover from an illness or injury, or in need  of socialization/behavior modification. We are always seeking additional foster providers to open their homes to these animals in need and help us save lives. Fostering situations can be as short as a few days to a couple of months, depending upon the animal’s specific needs.


In order to make the fostering experience a positive one for both you and the animal, we match animals in need to the foster provider’s home environment, personal abilities and comfort level in working with various medical conditions or behaviors.​


Benefits of Fostering

The majority of our foster animals are cute, cuddly, playful underage kittens (think less than 8 weeks old) who need some time to grow before they can go up for adoption. Foster parents are dedicated to giving these young animals the care they need and act as their surrogate mom. Foster parents can also gain volunteer hours by fostering. Over 800 kittens enter the shelter each year who need foster. Your help is invaluable to these animals. As a foster parent, you are saving lives while deriving personal satisfaction and unconditional love from your foster animals.

Am I ready to be a foster parent? 

Fostering is fun and rewarding, but can be messy and a lot of work!

We recommend checking out this page from the Kitten Lady Guru on what to expect. You do not need any prior experience to become a foster parent with our shelter, but you do need to plan ahead to make sure you have the time and space required for fostering.