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Old Dog, New Trips - Chip's Story

In September 2021, a little white dog with black spots came to the Yolo County Animal Shelter as a stray. There aren't many options for dogs like him - he was an old dog with a big medical problem. A grapefruit-sized tumor hung between his hind legs, dragging him down to the ground as he walked. He didn't seem to care one bit; he loved to walk and play as much as any other dog. Chip, as he was named, just needed a little more help than the average dog. With the help of an essential YCAS rescue partner, Scooter’s Pals, Chip was able to receive life-saving surgery and enjoy his golden years. Most importantly, Chip found his new parents, who provide him with unconditional love and plenty of adventures in his carrier on their bicycle rides. Stories like Chip's wouldn't be possible without the donations that allow the Yolo County Animal Shelter and its rescue partners to save vulnerable animals. Your generous contributions to Scooter’s Pals and Friends of YCAS go directly to the animals most in need. 

Chip is currently on a cross-country bicycle trip with his incredible parents. To see his journey, follow their Facebook page where they will be chronicling their adventures:

chip 9.jpeg
Chip 7.jpeg
Chip 8.jpeg
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