Adoptable Animals

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Pawsitive Moments


When we decided to foster we weren't’ initially expecting to foster a pitbull. We had heard stories but we kept an open mind. One thing we learned was how such a large pitbull could cuddle so much and bring so much joy.  We learned alot from the process especially how fun dogs can be with their silly faces.  Having Sid allowed me time to sit, relax, and just enjoy the moment. I’m going to miss my TV partner, but I know he is going to a good forever home. 

-Sid's Foster Mom

Jimbo is still in need of a home. 

Although there were many memorable moments while fostering Jimbo, the one I’m most fond of was the Family agility course. All five of us (4 humans 1 dog) running through the house jumping over obstacles.  It was a great shelter in place Jimbo inspired workout!

- Jimbo's Foster Family


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