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Sacramento SPCA Behavior Resources

Find Help for Common Problems With Your Pet

Does your dog chew up your furniture or is your cat scratching it? Maybe your dog is barking too much when in the backyard, or your cat isn’t using the litterbox. If your pet has a behavior issue, you have somewhere to turn for free help and advice. The Sacramento SPCA offers a free online behavior helpline for pet owners looking for solutions to pet behaviors. 

Rehomig Information
Helping People And Their Pets Stay Toget


Helping Pets and Their People Stay Together

Before you surrender your pet to a local animal shelter, consider other options that are available to you. Often, the issue that becomes the reason an animal is surrendered to an animal shelter is easily resolvable -- and we can help you with that, allowing you to keep your pet as an important member of the family.



The Safe, No-Cost Way to Rehome Your Pet

We believe that rehoming pets should be easy and stress-free for you and your pet. Our experts at, the largest non-profit pet adoption website, with support from The Petco Foundation, have created a simple, reliable, free program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another.

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Yolo County Animal Service's Courtesy Post Program

Surrendering your pet to the shelter should be the last resort an owner takes in the rehoming process. In order to assist owners as much as possible with rehoming their pet, the shelter does offer to courtesy post your animal on our adoption pages to help find him/her a new home. To take part in the program, please complete the online surrender request form and attach a few good photos of your pet and some information/bio to help future adopters. 

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