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Pawsitive Pupdates

Cat update.jpg

My partner and I adopted Bubbles @ YCAS on Set21, 2016. Originally, he was named “Taylor” by the shelter but he was renamed after Bubble Tea (aka boba) We were told he was about 4 months, which means that Bubbles is a Gemini which makes sense. He’s “mean” but he’s really not. He just knows what he likes, what he doesn’t like, and when he wants to let you do this and that.

For 3 years, Bubbles was a college cat at UC Davis. Oftentimes, he was said to have “tenure” residency in the apartment. Whenever new roommates would come and go, the joke was that Bubbles was the “5th” roommate (if the apartment had 4 students living there)

Nowadays, with a degree from UC Davis, he’s now a retired college cat. He enjoys sleeping by the window on sunny days, loves his midday treats, and spectates when we play video games together. Despite being a former stray off the streets, Bubbles actually hates being outside. He’s a bit of a snob and prefers to bird-watch from inside the home. He’s also very vocal and will lead anyone who listens to him to his empty (or full) food bowl.

Lastly, he has clean white mittens and king white socks. Very stylish and always trendy.

cat update 2.jpg

My fiancé and I adopted Mando (Lobo) in April 2021, and he is the sweetest boy! When we first met him, he was so happy to meet us, had the biggest smile on his face and was a complete goofball. We loved it! He has brought so much joy to our lives, and we absolutely love him! We decided to get him a friend in December 2021, and since we had such an amazing experience with YCAS, we decided to go back to find another forever friend. I first saw Bella on the YCAS website, and I immediately fell in love with how sweet and gentle she looked. She also has identical markings as Mando, so they look like brother and sister! Once we met her, she snuggled up to us and flashed us a cute little smile, and we knew we had to give her a forever home. Her and Mando instantly hit it off and were running around the yard together! Now, they are inseparable. They love playing and running with each other, and they absolutely love cuddling with us! They are the best pair of dogs, and we can't imagine our lives without them. Thank you YCAS!

-Megan & Lucas

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We adopted Spirit (now Ruger) and he is living his best life! We go on daily hikes, he has excelled in his training and he is just the sweetest boy ever! He still loves belly rubs and thinks he is a lap dog ... lol.  He is amazing with our 1-year old grandson too, very gentle. 


Thanks for taking such good care of him until we could find each other!


- Denise Whetzel

We adopted Rocko on a hunch, he was a misunderstood boy just unsure of humans intentions. We were right! Rocko began as a fearful untrusting scared little boy cowering or running away from any type of touch! Since we have had him he has come full circle loving all his dog and human family members and has accepted all of us even our visiting dog friends (we dog sit for our grown kids) Rocko has become an irreplaceable member of our family and we are so thankful YCAS saw a match and allowed us to adopt this wonderful boy!! -James & Lyns

Rocko 2.jpeg
Cindy and dog.jpg

My dog passed away due to age and a few months later  I found Hana, known at the shelter as Ginny. Three weeks after her adoption we took her camping and she alerted us that there we had a bear in our presence.  When we took her on her first gondola ride she just laid down and went to sleep. She is the best dog and I am glad we found each other. Yolo animal shelter made sure they matched the right dog to me and they helped create a bond that will last a life time.  -Cindy 

My son and  I adopted a wonderful husky from y'all back in January. His name was Oso at the shelter, but my son named him Blueberry, and his full name is Blueberry McPuffinstuff now. It still almost sounds like 'bear' and it fits his doofy personality.

He is doing so well in our home. He is full of energy and happy, and loves walks and literally howls for belly rubs every morning. Once I start petting him, he will grunt repeatedly with every small movement until he flops down on top of my feet, and then it's belly rub time. 

IMG_20210619_195240_365 (1).jpg

Sally & Family


Sally came into the shelter back in September of 2020.  She had a history of escaping and liked to dig her way out of situations.  Several potential adopters came by, but each of them politely passed. Until one-day Sally meet her perfect hoomans!  Here is what they have to say.


“We adore Sally. We had been looking for a dog that seemed too good to be true. We were given what was known of her past history, and after seeing a picture of her smile, we knew she needed to be a part of our lives! Sally has become the most loyal and loving companion. She loves squeaky balls, car rides, rolling in the grass, and long naps in the sun.  We couldn’t imagine a life without our girl.  Sally brings smiles and laughter to us and everyone how has the privilege of meeting her. We are so grateful to give Sally another chance and are so thankful to YCAS for connecting us.” 

Sally has become one of our Instagram influencers please follow her @sallysgreatestadventure  

"We were thinking about getting a dog for a while and Mia exceeded our wants and needs.  We looked at different hypoallergenic breeds, but didn’t have the chance to “foster” or have a trail run with any dogs before fully committing.


I was on board to adopt Mia after day 2 as she was a cuddle bug and silly. Jon took a few more days to warm up to her, but eventually fell in love. We really like Mia’s personality. She is very relaxed (most of the time) and is happy hanging out by her paw-rents on the couch or going out on walks. She loves people and learns quickly. Mia gives lots of hugs and licks. In the end, we didn’t choose Mia as much as she chose us."

Mia is one of our social media influencers you can follow her @marvelousmsmia  

Mia & Family

Follow Ms. Mia on Insta & @Marvelousmsmia

"We ​were really looking for a senior dog to rescue, and when we met him, our hearts melted. He is so sweet and well mannered, we knew he was perfect for our family." 

Kylo & Family

"We fell in love instantly with Molly! She is so lovable! She makes us smile just by looking at her. She loves to cuddle and just fit right in with our family. She was perfect from day one and we just had to keep her!"

Molly & Family

"My heart fell in love with Tin almost immediately... he is gentle, kind, friendly, loving, and just an all around beautiful doggy!

By the way... he's not going anywhere!!!"

Tin & Robert

Azul, a happy low rider pittie, was adopted by the most compassionate and caring couple, who love her unconditionally and affectionately join Azul (now Lou) in her spectacular silliness. Her Mommy gushes saying Lou is pure joy and she is obsessed with Lou's zest for life, bragging they have become inseparable sidekicks.


Lou & Family

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