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Alaskan Husky mix


ROSCOE is a 1-year, 11-month old Alaskan Husky mix who weighs ~80 lb. He was a much loved pet but was surrendered to the shelter on Jun 29 when his owner moved in with a family member who could not take him too. His pads were worn off his feet, likely from running on hot pavement. A medical foster stepped in to rehabilitate him until his feet fully healed. Rehab work involved a lot of swimming, and this young pup loves to swim! 

Roscoe is a happy-go-lucky, smart dog, who's past the chewing and potty training stage of puppyhood but still has the exuberance and occasional goofiness of an Alaskan husky pup. He learns fast and knows: sit, down, wait, roll over, play dead, shake and give me your paw. 

He'd be a terrific companion for a family who would like a dog to walk, bike or nap with, and he's good with kids, adults, seniors and other dogs. His favorite snacks are ice cubes, peanut butter and carrots. His favorite activities are swimming, playing hide-n-seek, going for walks and 'search and eat' treats. 

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