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I Lost My Cat


Check your local animal shelter for your missing pet. Click the above button to see cats brought to Yolo County Animal Services. The site updates hourly. For a list of other local shelters, go to

If you see a pet that looks like yours, write down the ANIMAL ID and call the shelter at (530) 668-5287, press extension 3 when prompted. 

If you don't see your pet, file a lost report.






Or Complete the lost animal form and either fax the form & a picture to (530) 668-5288 or email the form & picture to the lost pet team at :


If your pet has a microchip, make sure it is up to date with your current contact information.

With your pet's microchip number, go to to see which company it is registered with. 

If you are not sure of your pet's microchip number, check with your veterinarian or the shelter in case they have it on file.


Check neighborhood lost pet pages. The community has several pet pages to report found/lost pets before they are brought to the shelter. 

Pawboost : 


Facebook - There are several lost pet pages for the respective cities in Yolo County.


Post Flyers, Place a Yard Sign, Check with local veterinarians. Place an Ad,

Doing a walkthrough of your neighborhood can go a long way in locating a lost pet. Most indoor cats who escape are likely within a few blocks of the home, possibly hiding under a bush or behind a shed/garage. Often they are found a few houses away. Indoor/outdoor kitties might have a larger area of where they would wander but are usually within a 17-house radius of the home. The best time to go searching for missing kitties is at dawn/dusk, the time of day when cats are most active.

Check out for some additional tips on locating lost kitties.


Register with Finding Rover, a free facial recognition app that scans the features of your cat's face. With the app, you can upload a photo of your cat and report your cat as being lost. Then, Finding Rover will search local shelters and display any results that resemble your cat.

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