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Pit bull terrier mix


BANDIT is an 11-year old pit bull terrier mix who came to the shelter on Sep 15 with two little dogs when their owner was unhoused. The two littles were able to be rehomed, but Bandit's still looking for his forever family.

Despite his age, Bandit offers a nice balance of play and cuddles! A relaxed boy, he's easy to walk and handle on leash. He just needs a daily walk to get his yahoos out, then he's happy to be a couch potato with you. He doesn't need rigorous exercise and loves to snuggle and get butt scratches and massages. 

Bandit is a well trained dog. He responds to commands, such as 'Sit' and 'Come Here' though sometimes he may be eager to do otherwise. He's potty trained and does not seem to be dog reactive. Bandit needs to be near you and loved and may bark for attention when stressed. He also needs a slow feeder as he's prone to eat too fast. He recently received veterinary treatment to remove food lodged in his throat (that's also why he wears a harness instead of a collar).

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