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*Priority Adoption*

Conoce a Eugene  (A184739)

Necesitamos tu ayuda para encontrarnos un hogar





JACKSON is a handsome, sweet and soulful 50-lb Pitbull/Australian Cattle dog mix. We ran a DNA test on him! He tends to be shy at first, but warms up quickly with a proper introduction. Jackson is house-trained and can spend a few hours in a dog crate with proper intro. He loves to play with toys and chew on his bones. He's very goofy once he's comfortable with you! Jackson loves going for walks and playing with toys. He has done very well on walks around UC Davis with volunteers. He's smart and very eager to learn, making him a perfect candidate for further training. He already knows Sit, Down, and Shake Paws. Jackson has been trying our obstacle dog agility training course and loves it. This also helps build his confidence while exercising!

Jackson would prefer to live in a quiet neighborhood and in a patient and kind home with no young kids. He may benefit from living with a well-mannered, friendly, female dog to help show him the ropes if it’s the right match. As a young boy with lots of energy, he would make the ideal dog for an active owner that enjoys walks and adventures.


To schedule a meet and greet,

please fill out the inquiry form:


To schedule a meet and greet,

please fill out the inquiry form:

KOBE is a loving, sensitive and loyal, young dog who is small in stature for a German Shepherd mix at just 44 lb. His intelligence and eagerness to please is reflected in how quickly he grasps commands (sit, down, wait, heel, leave it, settle) and the joy he shows in learning new ways to engage with his person. Kobe walks well on leash along bike trails and in neighborhood and downtown areas but seems to prefer staying close to home to play fetch in the backyard or to hang out in the car, at least until he gains more self-confidence. 


Although estimated at 1y 8mo old, Kobe has been at YCAS for much of his life, so he still has the jumpy energy and occasional willfulness of a puppy in training. For this reason, he’s a special adoption and will need a patient and firm leader having experience with German Shepherds and the focus and commitment to continue his training and socialization. Kobe is adorably affectionate with people he trusts and very playful with most dogs he has encountered, but until he’s more fully socialized, he needs to be the only pet in a calm household of adults only.  


Kobe has been in foster care for the past two months. The tremendous progress and human-dog bond he has made in this short time demonstrates this special boy’s intelligence, desire and potential to learn, love and serve as a forever friend. 


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