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German Shorthaired Pointer mix


SPOOKY and DAISY are bonded at the hip. They love to play tug-of-war and miss each other when apart. They can be a mischievous pair, but snuggling up with family and friends is their endgame. Still, it's probably best not to leave them alone in the yard in case they morph into escape artists or cat chasers! 


These sweet, playful and loving pups grew up with kids and have done great with infants and older. They seem to get along fine with other dogs at the shelter and probably are less of a handful together than they are apart. This fun-loving pair is expected to do well with a wide range of families with respect to dog experience.


DAISY (top photo, right) is a 6-year old, German Shorthaired Pointer and Pit Bull Terrier mix. She's been at the shelter since Sep 12 and is Spooky's mother and ringleader. She loves her metal pot more than any of her other toys... funny girl! 

SPOOKY (top photo, left) is a 4-year old, German Shorthaired Pointer, who is bonded to his mom Daisy and came to the shelter with her. Spooky can get separation anxiety when apart from her, but is a really good boy when they're left together.

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